(?) does this fit into your projects...

This place is about images. We see things different...

Here are some of our works, randomly. For the moment we builded a sketch of this site and pictures are just for the mock up version but feel free to explore them. More things are here to come. Please remember that this is just a first version of this site... Come back soon!

We believe that if an artwork is to be treated as if you're playing with it, good results are to be obtained... and we chose this name of Fit & Fun Media to best describe our credo.
The company is intended to be a design studio, more than an advertising agency therefore you'll get first level of prices for layouts, with professional prepress and advanced color management - suited for your specific domains of applications. You'll obtain a good and well done artwork that Fit's your needs and it was Fun creating it.

You may find not all but more projects and details about us on
Feel free to join us!